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What a change, right?

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 22, 2017, 7:51 AM


Hey there. Saturday mornin' moski ready for an update-io. Last time I said "Got my Cintiq, so I'll draw a bunch!". I got my Cintiq, and I didn't draw a bunch. Masters degree studies, some accidents and drama and what not got in the way, and I've been floating around without pace for a while now.

But I'm still alive and kickin' and takin' names and stealin' dreams. Making some sense of that good ol' goshdarned world in the only way I know: Fanboying like a foo'

First, I want to thank y'all once again. Over 1000 watchers now! You're all so kind :D!

You might remember how I was all into Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale back in the day. Aka, 28+ comics of not-Smash shenanigans plus a Zeus side arc. Ah, the classics.

ASA 15 - Spinning in by Memoski  ASA 23 - Tactical decision by Memoski

But alas, there's been not enough Playstation stuff that have hyped me up for quite some years now. Same goes for Smash Bros and other crossovers.

But if you've been paying some attention lately, you might have seen my latest works. New comics, but from a different nature.

Hots comic - MVP by Memoski  Hots comic - Nerfed for good by Memoski

Heroes of the Storm is, like pretty much any big MOBA out there, a seeminly bottomless pit of possibilities. And that's taking in mind that I don't even know any Blizzard game other than Overwatch, which wasn't on Hots until recently. Guess I'm just a sucker for crossovers. Let's hope I can get some more of these done in the future.

However, I hope doing this kind of stuff doesn't discourage you. Again, thanks for the 1000+ watchers. But still, I can't really tell how many of you follow me around for PSASBR stuff or for Indie stuff or whatever. And I don't think that a good portion of you are into HotS or even know about the game at all. I just hope these grow on you, as they're among my moskiest stuff to date!

Anyhow, thought I'd just catch up with y'all. Let me know if there's been something interesting going on in your end. Cheers, ma' people.

So, what other social media do you prefer anyways for art sharing/discussion? 

20 deviants said Tumblr
18 deviants said Twitter
15 deviants said Facebook
11 deviants said Other (comment? :3)
6 deviants said Reddit
3 deviants said Pinterest


Moski lives
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Getting close to Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, and I finally feel like it's the right time to come back to drawing~
Ransome the BEEPing Insult Clown
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I've played (and replayed) Thimbleweed Park. Even after I had very mixed feelings about the game in my first run, I still had a lot of interest on it, so I started another. It's weird...

Regardless, hands down, Ransome the clown is the best character. An extremely foulmouthed Krusty the Clown that's seen far better days. There's something about ruined celebrities that is so endearing...    
Hots Comics - Corruption
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Versión en español:

Not pictured in this comic: Li-Ming's Star queen something skin and Li-Ming's Templar skin. She's got way too many.

Look at the other comics!

Hots comic - Medivac Dropship 3 by Memoski  Hots comic - Call of Kel'Thuzad by Memoski  Hots comic - Lost Vikings by Memoski  Hots comic - Medivac Dropship 2 by Memoski
Colossorama - Characters
Play the game on your browser or download it! Available for Windows, Linux and Mac!

These are some of the characters that appear in the game Colossorama, which y'all should totally play. While not necessarily official or deep, here are the descriptions and backgrounds I've thought for these:

Glade Athore

Born and raised at Colossocity, the continent’s most violent city, a place chosen by the Gods to let people kill each other for their entertainment. In return, they’d send back to life those that died unfairly or in an honorable way.

Trained since a child to be a champion, Glade mastered the use of any and all weapons, or so he says. With a sword, a pike, and a lot of blood on his hands, he’s ready to get soaked in more red human goo at Colossorama, the place where those that consider themselves worthy of the Pantheon of Champions test their might. And Glade’s honor is worth so many heads.

Gladia Trish

The previous champion of Colossorama. After keeping the title for so many years, she eventually got bested and died in the battlefield. When she came back to life, she decided to retire and take care of his little son, Glade. Back at home, she decided to give his child a loving life and educate him in the ways of science and knowledge, preparing him for a good life. After a week, she grew tired of it, and decided to train him into the art of chopping heads instead. Once little Glade became a man of war, Gladia chose to grab her sword again to show that she still has what it takes to be a champion.


A berseker from the dangerous North Lands. He lived among the tribes of the most aggressive people on the planet. However, in personality, Viking was more like a rabid monster than man. Not only did he conquer most of the North Lands on his own. He was so savage, that the rest of the vikings decided to turn into pacifists and people of science in order to escape Viking’s rage.

Since Viking didn’t find any satisfaction in fighting people that wouldn't defend themselves, he traveled the world, leaving a trail of destruction, until he arrived at Colossocity, where violence was more than encouraged. Viking was finally home.


Glade’s nemesis. They used to be great friends and partners at Colossorama, until Gladiadog found a helmet of the same shape and brand. For a while, it didn’t matter how many heads Glade would chop, Gladiadog would get all of the attention. I mean, come on. Look at that cute little helmet.

And he knows a few tricks too! Lying down, lift the paw, and chopping heads! He’s such a good boy!

School girl

This girl got lost during a school trip. Before she knew it, she got an internship at Colossorama, keeping the weapon stock in order and cleaning after each bloodbath. After watching the horrors of the carnage that occurred at the place, she decided to take a shot at Colossorama as well.

After she chopped her first head, she felt more alive than ever before. Now, she’s a regular at the arena, and one that seems to enjoy the challenge a bit too much, even by gladiator standards.
Play the game on your browser or download it! Available for Windows, Linux and Mac!

Team Whales and Games proudly presents the anniversary edition and all-stars update for Colossorama! Grab a gladiator, and make tactical decisions for constant weapon swapping to survive as long as you can in the arena! With over 60 weapons, plenty of game modifier challenges and unlockable characters, you'll be in for a thrill. Go make us proud!


  • After surviving a wave of enemies, select a new Weapon or Item, and fight another round! But you can only carry so much with you, so keep swapping until you get the weapons you like the most!
  • There used to be about 28 weapons and items to choose from. There’s over 60 now! Will you choose ranged over knockback? Healing over speed? Status effects over damage? Keep adapting to keep surviving!
  • Swords, spears, axes, hammers, scythes, staves and many more! There’s poison, freezing, stunning, invincibility, projectiles, and more variables as well!
  • You may fight in Colossorama mode for the core head-slashing experience, or choose from one of many challenges! There’s fast paced combat, moon gravity, powerful enemies only and even a party mode for good measure!
  • 18 playable characters for Colossorama mode, each with their own starting loadout! Can you unlock them all?
  • There’s nothing more honourable than bragging about your score on Twitter, so there’s a button just for that!


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So I can add it on the sprite list that has you on it: Official Sprite Characters by Diego and Others
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