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August 14



Mortal Kombat X... and SCV?

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 14, 2014, 8:23 PM

I like cheerful games, like Banjo-Kazooie and Little Big Planet. But, boy, do I also like ultra violence and gory ones, like in God of War and Hotline Miami. And, of course, Mortal Kombat. Needless to say, I'm hyped about MKX, but the recent news that mention that the game is going to feature a time skip and introduce a lot of new characters is a surprise. After all, I like series adding new characters, as I like looking at character designs.

However, this happened not long ago, with Soul Calibur V. Before anything, let me link to one of my favorite Soul Calibur tracks:


Anyhow, here's the problem. I didn't know too much about the Soul Calibur lore by the time I played the 4th. So, when the 5th got advertised with a focus on new characters and a time skip, I thought that it'd be a great point to start. I'd see everyone in a new situation and start from there.

And that's how Soul Calibur V became the game that has disappointed me the most, even more than Jak 2 (mind you, I liked that game a lot, but that doesn't mean it didn't disappoint, because it did)

If you're a SCV fan, bear with me for a second. It's a great fighting game, and the character creator is superb. It also has all of my favorite characters from the series (Other than Zasalamel, but meh, I can't have everything).

But the story mode and the new characters, which I was looking forward to, were a complete and huge mess (by the way, I'm being very subjective):

  • The plot is uninteresting, predictable and boring 2/3 of the time. The last bit and the plot twists were glorious, but I was very upset by the time I reached them.
  • The main characters didn't appeal to me at all. I can understand why Sigfried wouldn't be the focus anymore, but the new guys just don't cut it. Patroklos started as an overdramatic cocky jerk that needed to mess up with stuff to become an overdramatic cocky... something. He doesn't get much better. He still cares only about his sister and nothing else, which he shouldn't even care about if he didn't know her at all. Come on. They gave him the Soul Calibur to thelp them in the fight,but he fled. Then, when he came back and understood what it meant to have the sword... he left again. But really, he's too dramatic for everything. I still laugh when I remember the "I'm going to live the rest of my life with my sister" line.
  • Pyrrha is almost as bad. The game tried too hard to make me feel sorry for her and to suffer along, and it didn't pay off. It's clear that Tira is not her friend, and that she keeps putting Phyrra in horrible situations. Pyrrha knows she'd good with the sword, and she knows she has to fight to protect herself (and kill others in the process). Why doesn't that apply to Tira? Besides, Patroklos didn't know she was a malfested. No one knew, not even her (and if Tira told her, why didn't she tell his brother sooner?). So why wouldn't she run from Tira and have a normal life? If Tira took care of her for so many years, why isn't Pyrrha more like Tira, caring less about the others and growing up to be a murderer or something? Why is she so good?
  • Well, guess what. It is explained... somewhere. Not in the game. I just researched that on the internet. It's in the wiki and all. Where did people come up with this stuff? Why isn't it in some encyclopedia inside the game or something? No bios? Not that I could find, at least.
  • Not only are they unappealing or hard to understand, but the universe literally goes around those 2. Astaroth HAPPENS to meet the siblings, who also run into each other casually, after Patroklos walks in and out the anti-Nightmare whatever. He also coincidentally meets up with Ivy, who never tells him in which country she is living, and Patroklos still manages to find her without problems later. This, not before being told that he needed 3 amulets or something, which Patroklos finds immediately after reaching Asia(?), and wins them all in a single fight (of course, he recognizes the never-seen-before artifacts, and also completely trusted Ivy. Obviously, he also had the resources and time to go around the world for this stuff and go back before Phyrra did irreparable damage to stuff).
  • The new characters have GREAT designs, but are introduced very poorly to the story. The girl with the orb? She says cryptic stuff, but you get to know nothing about her, and not even fight her. Who is Z.W.E.I.? No one ever wonders. Why is the monkey boy obsessed with food? What's up with the ninja's successor?
  • Worse: The game had no arcade edings, which also took away the character development that the story mode missed. Also, missing from the past game, no soul links thing to know which character is an ally or enemy of who. The game does it best to avoid saying as much as possible about the new characters.
See? That's the kind of stuff I fear. It was supposed to feel like an entry point, and it still kept the players in the dark unless they were willing to do internet research. In contrast, Mortal Kombat's latest game's story mode was satisfactory and movie-like. Not without its silly stuff, but many characters got a good time at the spotlight (gotta love Johnny Cage). It was a sequel, yes, but it explained just enough of the past games before rebooting the story. Afterwards, all you have to do is take Raiden's words for granted, nod silently, and see what happens next. There are bios, there are endings, and the challenges tell a bit about the relationships between some characters as well.

Now, this is why I'm kinda worried. Both games, MKX and SCV, feature a timeskip and try to focus on the new characters. It didn't work for SCV, so I'm hoping that MKX can pull the trick. I mean, it's makes sense to have a whole new cast, considering what happened in the latest game (For a game with Mortal in its name, not many people stay dead for long). 

That's my rant of the day. Let's see if I can draw some proper stuff now. I leave you with Mortal Kombat's Stryker's ending:


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Ryuhza Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Yeah, I've been a huge SoulCalibur fan, but outside of core gameplay, good online, and a really great character creator (which suffers oddly in a few places, like face selection), it was kind of a wreck. That's the sentiment I gather from most other SC fans too, and many believe that the game was rushed out the door.

Hopefully they can fix everything if a sequel ever comes about.
Eggheadcobra Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Trust me, Memo. I agree with everything you said. SC5 is the most disappointing game I've ever played. The story mode was mediocre, Patrokolos and Pyrrha were both lackluster characters (I hate Pyrrha with a passion), the new characters had little to no background, and I absolutely hated the fact that there were 3 mimic characters (Especially Kilik).

If they had such a low budget for the game, they should've done themselves a favor, and not create characters like Xiba, Natsu, Leixia, and Apha Patrokolos, and instead put in others like Seong Mi-Na, Talim, Zasalamel, and Setsuka. Also, they should had canceled the story mode to make an arcade story mode, like what they did with SC4. But I guess they wanted to do what MK9 did best, and make their own story mode, something both SC5 and DOA5 miserably failed at.

Over all, as a guy who spent 150 hours on SC5, I think the game had potential. The character creation was decent, playing online was fun, and the game tried building new gameplay mechanics. It's just a shame Namco pushed Project Soul to rush the game with a low budget.
sav8197 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
tienes razon SCV me decepciono aunque tenia mejor gameplay que SC4 le quitaron toda la historia, si tuvieramos un juego que juntara lo mejor del SCV Y SC4 podria llegar a ser tan bueno o mejor que el SC2 O SC3.

Y espero que MKX no trate de ser demasiado serio porque algunos de mis finales favoritos eran los mas chistosos como el de Stryker que pusiste aqui.
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, V was a lousy point to start. Should have started with II or III. Speaking of which, did you start with Jak II as well? Also, don't worry about MKX. The reason SCV ended up like it did is because it was literally made in a year. You should do your research before you go off judging games. Nevertheless, SCV is truly a great game. It actually improves upon an important aspect in the previous battle system, for starters.
Memoski Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student General Artist
I did start with II, but when I was a lot younger and didn't care about the plot, so by the time that I wanted more, it was too late.

And no, I didn't start with Jak II. Had I done so, I would have probaly not minded at all, but since I started with Jak & Daxter, I expected another great and beautiful adventure, and got instead some gritty sequel with dark themes, destruction and Grandtheftautification, which was a huge let down, despite it  actually being nice.

And since I got to vent all my frustration towards it, there was nothing left of it for Jak III, wich instead was gratifying.
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
But Jak II was a beautiful adventure. It wasn't kid-friendly, but so what? That was a change for the better because it proved that Naughty Dog could handle games for an older audience, among other things. Plus, there's no "Grandtheftautification" aside from a mini-map, which predates Grand Theft Auto, and vehicle hijacking.
Memoski Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student General Artist
That's beside the point. I was expecting one thing and got something completely different. Exploration was reduced to driving long distances in cramped maps, crashing with everything. Instead of going to places like the volcano, the advanced underwater city, the spider caves and the snowy mountain like in the first game, the game reduced the levels to industrial post-war zones. Instead of being open-ended with missions to do at one's leisure, it was more linear, with the exploratin being used merely for secret unlocking rather than plot advancement.

That's what disappointed me. I played the game expecting something completely different. While still being a platforming game, they practically changed the genre.
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hardly. They made it an action-platformer. They also managed to keep Eco in the game by use of the guns. Also, Mr. Focus On The Negative, in a way, Eco played a larger role in combat. Let it go (no Frozen).
Memoski Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Never I=<
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Do it, or I'll have your rear end cut off... AND MOUNTED OVER ME FIREPLACE!!!! :chainsaw:
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