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This pair and The mice by Memoski This pair and The mice by Memoski
Done mostly as a tribute to my most-certainly dead cat (and to practice using 2 screens), who I used to create my OC cat, Scarface. He likely died during some cat fight of sorts, which is why he usually came back with wounds and scars. May you rest in peace, my dear friend.

Originally, my concept for Scarface wasn't to use my cat at all. Scarface is actually a "clone" of a cat the OC Memoski used to have, which he created after the previous cat died. But let me explain that as I usually write my OC's stories.

The story is inspired by "The happy man's shirt" and "Platero", both of bitter endings:
- A king needed the shirt of a happy man in order to cure himself of a disease. In the whole kingdom, only one person claimed to be truly happy. That hermit said that he was happy because his only care was to work just enough to eat, without any other problem in the world. The kind was surprised when he found out that the hermit was so poor he didn't even have a shirt.
- A man had a donkey named Platero, who brought happiness to his world and to the town. At one point in the story, Platero dies. Not long later, his owner creates a wooden donkey for the kids to play, and starts treating the piece as his

Also, the redesign for my cat was also inspired by :iconmichiru-usagi: characters. They're sickeningly adorable :3

Name: Memoski

Nicknames: The Happy Man, Paroxysmal Mailman of Joy, Blissful Weapon.

Quote: “Happiness is ignoring everything that isn't happy. Wouldn't you agree?”

Age: 26 (Yeah, older than me on this story)

Real-life nationality: Mexican

Relatives: An angel pet cat and a load of mice.

Memoski was once a man with a cat and a simple life, who liked to draw. Drawing would bring his creations to "life". At least, to him. Other than his cat and his drawings, the guy had not many more friends.

One day, his cat died. Memoski was devastated after being struck with a slice of reality. Life was frail and sad, unlike his drawings. Memoski was anguished, and didn't want to live in such a dull world.

A friend of his, Zebesian (alternate reality of :iconzebesian:'s OC), offered him a solution. A prototype mask which would serve two purposes:
- Allow Memoski to look at himself in a mirror and see a happy, smiling person, the one Memoski truly wanted to be
- Use his imagination to bring his drawings to life.

After wearing the mask, the first thing he drew was a cat, which his imagination brought back to life. Eventually, he kept creating more and more people and creatures which eventually populated a kingdom.

The mask allowed Memoski to be always happy by ignoring everything that was wrong in the world. Wars, starvation, poberty, it all meant nothing to him. That wasn't the mask's doing. That was just a man going mad with joy.

At one point, the mask broke from an accident, which gave his creations actual personalities, not just those of eternally happy beings. Even Scarface, the cat, learned to talk (and sarcasm).

It was all wrong. Memoski didn't want his Utopia to be destroyed by feelings. And thus, he came to a conclusion. To be truly happy, one must not just ignore the problems. One must destroy the problems. The unstable mask still allowed Memoski's powers to function, so he drew more creations to destroy the old ones.

This was akin to the mask's original purpose. Zebesian wanted to use humanity's untapped imagination as a weapon of mass destruction, and the news of Memoski fighting himself meant that the experiment, while being succesful, had also taken a wrong turn.

As the war escalated, Memoski had a sight of his former cat, which was just as sarcastic as the new Scarface. Memoski couldn't tell if it was a real apparition or just his mind playing some games. Still, he was touched, and decided to stop it all. He ordered his new creations to back off and to live their lives however they saw fit. Then, Memoski just disappeared, along with that smiling mask.

After retreating to some forsaken street, he spent the following weeks just drawing, like he liked to do on his prime, with his cat's apparition giving him company. That, and a bunch of mice.

That's when he remembered. Why did Memoski get a cat in the first place? Because he didn't want mice on his house. He didn't even like cats, and was allergic. But he enjoyed his cat's company so much, the cat became a dear friend.

Because the cat wasn't corporeal, the mice wouldn't leave. But that was fine. He deserved it for trying to replace an old friend. Now, in peace with his cat's passing, Memoski was happy again.
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greece4life Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Student Photographer
Pretty interesting!
foxzombiej Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
If you need any cyber-hugs, I'm here.
Zebesian Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Ah ha ha, about time that your flagship character appeared in your rogue's gallery of character portraits. It's interesting to hear more about Scarface since up until this point I wasn't sure what his relationship was to 'you'. Awesome stuff man, hope the next character portrait isn't too far off. :D
JorgeAamelo Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Your face. Seeing it again behind that mask makes my eyes burn... IT BURNS. Nah, but, may your cat rest in peace, Memo.
NyQuilDreamer Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Awesome story, man. I would love to see it fully fleshed out, or made into a comic. Great job.

Cool that you roped that bad ol' Zebesian into it, too.
TheTalon34 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist That's one story I will never forget...I almost cried at one point
MaximumKOF Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
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